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Station Marey  

// in pre-production //

Tribute to the inventors and artists who at the end of the nineteenth century made possible the capture and projection of motion pictures. + info




Muybridge's gait

Halle 2006 / International Academy of Media and Arts e.V. / 2' 06"

Eadweard Muybridge, the famous photographer, shows us in first person how he takes a step in slow motion. Short film made in the International Academy of Media and Arts eV in Halle, Germany. + info



stop motion  

En constante movimiento

In constant mouvement / Valencia 2006 / Super8 Stop motion / 13’ 30‘’

While the Earth keeps its movement and the Sun lights it, a character lives in different places. This short film has been shot frame by frame, and real-time, with a super8 camera. + info



derechos humanos  

Las personas primero

People first / Valencia 2003 (2008) / Fine Arts final degree project in 2003 - UPV / 2’ 37''

This short film has been developed with the idea of transmitting, basically to a child audience, some of the consequences of an armed conflict. It wants to educate them about Human Rights, and also to foment tolerance, respect and solidarity behaviours. + info